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Exotic Smoking Blends

We strive to provide herbal smoking blends that are safe, high quality, and the strongest smoke on the planet. If you have tried herbal smoke in the past and have been disappointed with harshness and lack of "enjoyment" you have come to the right place. We only offer alternative smoke that is smooth, enjoyable and very potent. No harsh poor tasting smoking herbs are used in any of our gourmet smoking blends. Only smooth 100% Organic or Hydroponic legal smoking herbs. This premium herbal smoke contains no incense, potpourri, synthetics, additives, preservatives or Ephedra. Strong adult smoking blends! Some herbs may have interactions with pregnancy, nursing or medications. Pregnant or nursing women & persons with health problems must consult a physician before use. Caution following use. Do not attempt to operate any vehicles or machinery.

Mystical Journeys Smoking Blend

 Mystical Journeys ™

This smoking mixture has been a customer favorite for 12 years now. This exceptional complex legal smoke has been touted as the herbal smoke that started the tobacco free revolution. Adult signature required. "Highly recommended " Great in a water pipe, hand pipe or rolled. Take a Mystical Journey. Contains Wormwood. Cautions: pregnancy, nursing & medications.

$20.00 oz

Island Magic Lovers Smoking Blend

 Island Magic ™

Smooth and satisfying herbal smoking mixture whether enjoyed in a cigarette or savored in a pipe. Contains smoking herbs which have been used by island cultures for centuries as aphrodisiacs.

$15.00 oz

Super Smoke Herbal Blend

 Super Smoke ™

Do not let the price of this richly aromatic blend of unique and exotic herb fool you. It is an exceptional blend and has a huge return customer following. Not for the weak. Strong alternative smoke with a strong flavor. Stay away from Kryptonite when using.

$15.00 oz

Speedy Gonsalez Alternative Smoking Blend

 Speedy Gonsalez ™

Speedy is very very potent. The smoothness can be deceiving. An outstanding blend of high-grade herbs makes this a must have for those looking for a little more energy. Only smoke a very little bit at a time. Do not enjoy this product before going to sleep. Just a little Speedy will keep you going for hours. Contains: Gaurana (high caffeine content).

$15.00 oz

Mellow Yellow Herbal Smoking Blend


 Mellow Yellow ™

The perfect combination of leaf and flower come together in a sweet fulfilling highly enjoyable and mellow smoke. Customers new to smoking alternatives find this a great blend to start with as it is so very smooth and a great satisfying legal smoke. The smoothness of this blend makes it a great substitute for loose tobacco in a pipe.

Mellow Yellow™ is a Trademark of CSI and has been for 18 years. Any attempts to reproduce this product or its patent pending formula will result in immediate legal action. That clearly includes herbal incense companies. Mellow Yellow ™ Herbal Incense is a Trademark of CSI.

$20.00 oz

Chronic Flex Herbal Smoking Blend

 Chronic Flex ™

While inspiring many of the modern tobacco free smoking products on the market today Chronic Flex™ still remains at the head of the pack and continues to offer an extremely pleasurable and strong legal smoking experience.

$20.00 oz

Luna Green Smoking Blend

 Luna Green ™

New Luna Green a high grade smoke that is as tasty as it is substantial. This blend is completely different from any of the other alternative blends on this page. If your looking for something new. You will not be disappointed with this awesome blend.

$17.00 oz

Kaleidoscope Herbal Smoking Blend

 Kaleidoscope ™

An awe inspiring new blend containing the famous Wormwood herb. This blend is not to be taken lightly. All orders for this product will be phone verified. Cautions: pregnancy, nursing & medications. Following use. Do not attempt to operate any vehicles or machinery. This blend is only to be smoked! Not ingested!

$20.00 oz

Mystic Hookah Herbal Buds

 Mystic Hookah Original™

The original Mystic hookah alternative smoking blend. Smooth exotic potent all flower bud smoke. This blend is incredibly smooth and a very high quality herbal smoking experience. Mystic hookah is not just a great blend for a hookah, It's also a fantastic Tobacco alternative for pipes, and rolled

$25.00 oz

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