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Exclusive 100% Legal Premium Buds

Our exclusive combination of gourmet flower buds and high grade herbal extracts produce a potent, exquisite smoke unlike anything else. Just ask our return customers. If you have tried legal herbal buds in the past and been disappointed by their harshness and lack of pure smoking pleasure, try one of our amazing all natural high grade buds. There is no leaf in any of these premium bud products, only real extremely high quality exotic flower buds, infused with all natural herbal extracts. You will be blown away. Safe for healthy adults, aside from the known risks associated with smoking, but strong adult smoking buds! Some herbs may have interactions with pregnancy, nursing or medications. Pregnant or nursing women & persons with health problems must consult a physician before use. Caution: following use do not attempt to operate any vehicles or machinery.

Sticky Buds Exotic Herbal Buds

 Sticky Buds ™

The World Famous Sticky Buds™. How could we make this product better? Don't settle for anything less. Sticky Buds are very dry and super crispy. These legal buds are so packed with resin they are sticky to the touch. Enjoyably strong smooth smoke that burns well in a water pipe, hand pipe or vaporizer. Real legit buds!!!!! Great Product!!

$20.00 1/2oz

%100 Legal Killer Buds

 Legal Killer Buds ™

Pure Cannabaceae Buds - This is an amazing legal herb is a member of the Cannabis family. Killer Buds have what we call a heart of gold resin in the middle of the bud. Killer Buds are specially bred and picked for thick resin and optimum potency.

$15.00 1/2oz

Nugs Herbal Smoking Buds

 Nugs ™

Great tasting legal buds enhanced to perfection by infusing high grade buds with premium herbal extract. Instead of sticking herbs together via who knows, we stick to pure premium bud.

$20.00 1/2oz

Exdro High Grade Herbal Buds

 Exdro ™

Out of this world legal buds. What a great product. Great looking smoke as well. Double dipped for your smoking pleasure Exdro™ is the strongest bud product on the market period. Only for the experienced smoker.

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$20.00 1/2oz

Cryptic Blue Legal Herbal Buds

 Cryptic Blue ™

This exquisite premium flower bud smokes so clean it literally has no after taste. The kind smooth smoke is sure to impress even the most seasoned smokers.  Smokes very well in a water pipe, hand pipe, vaporizer or rolled.

$25.00 oz

Legal Bud Sampler

 All Bud Sampler ™

You asked for it you got it!! The All Bud Sampler. Four of our premium legal buds in one awesome sampler. Including: 1/4oz Killer Buds, 1/4oz Sticky Buds, 1/4oz Nugs, and we top it off with a full 1/4oz  of the strongest legal herbal bud on the planet Exdro.

$40.00 Pack

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Disclaimer - If you enter this site or purchase herbal smoke products for sale on this site you are certifying that you are a legal adult over the age of 18. Individuals who are caught attempting to shop for herbal smoking products or smoking accessories under the age of 18 will forfeit their payment and be subject to full legal prosecution under the law. Smoke Shop products are only provided for use with legal herbs. We offer the best tobacco free legal marijuana alternatives as legal alternatives to smoking marijuana or tobacco not alternatives to the drugs thc and nicotine. Therefore we make no claims whatsoever as to the medicinal, psychological or physiological properties or effects of these legal bud products or market them as a legalized pot substitute, a kush weed hybrid, herbal marijuana, legal marijuana, haze potpourri, herbal highs or legal highs. You must agree to only use these smoking blends as intended and not to operate any vehicles or machinery while using any of these products. Our herbal smoke products do not contain tobacco or nicotine, however like cigarettes smoking legal herb may be hazardous to your health because they produce tar, ash and carbon monoxide when smoked. Some herbs combined with medications can have side effects. If you are on any medications consult with your doctor before using botanicals. We provide the herbalist ebotanicals for no intention or purpose. Do to the potential for abuse of these herbal products we will only sell them to legal adults over the age of 18. Individuals who purchase these alternative products must be in good health and use them at their own risk. When taking any herbal supplement for the first time whether it be a weight loss aid, tea, sleeping pills, antacids, herbal aphrodisiacs or energy pills start out with a small amount and work your way up. Natural products as well as prescription drugs and even alternative medicine such as vitamins, meditation and holistic healing may have benefits but effect everyone and work differently for each individual depending the ingredients.

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