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Sun Coast Organics Customer Reviews and Feedback

All of us a Sun Coast Organics would like to thank our return customers for the reviews and feedback they have given us over the last 19 years. It has meant a lot to us and has helped us greatly improve our products and service. The reviews and feedback listed here are from only certified return customers.

As you can see we have received an enormous amount of positive feedback from customers. Sometimes not so positive but, most of the time, constructive. Unfortunately over the last 19 years we have had a small number of people who were unable to order, for one reason or another, make some completely false reviews and scam reports. As well as some fake reviews created by competitors. Before you believe a negative review or scam report about Sun Coast Organics, please take a couple of minutes to look over our new Sun Coast Organics Fake Reviews page. We respond to each one and let you decide whether or not the claims are legitimate or believable.

Ordered from you before and truly enjoyed it very much! Pretty awesome!
Thank you for the great product!
I would like to thank you for Priority sending my order after a slight delay. The delay being for security reasons just serves to prove that you WILL NOT and DO NOT sell to minors and I as a parent appreciate that; thank you! On the matter of my order; WOW!! Your sample was so much bigger than the last place I ordered I thought perhaps I bought it and had to check my receipt! The Nugs are awesome!! Didn't really expect much since the last place I ordered from was a waste of time and money on their herbal products! WOW! yours really is good and works! As Arnold would say; "I'LL BE BACK!" Thanks again!
Thank you! Your customer service is great. I don't think I have ever received such fast human response from online customer service anywhere else. I just have to say I am impressed.
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my sample pack this weekend. I have bought the Enhanced Sampler Pack several times and decided to try the M.A. Sampler Pack. Don't get me wrong, the Enhanced Sampler is KILLER, I was curious and decided to try the M.A. Sample Pack not knowing if it was even going to be any good. I sweated it out after I ordered it thinking that I messed up ordering it. When it came I tore open the package like a kid at Christmas wondering what it would be like. I was totally shocked at how much was in those samples. Even the free sample of Capillarius Herba was PACKED and was in the same size bag as the others were in. The other sites only give you a tiny bag and it ain't nowhere near full. I spent the weekend trying them all out, and I have to say that they live up to the descriptions that your site gives for them. I couldn't even begin to tell you which one I liked the best, they were all that good! The biggest problem I have now is deciding which one I'll order next. Maybe I'll try the Updated Herbal Sampler. Anyway, I can honestly say that I love everything that I tried so far, keep up the good work. Thanks for everything.
24 hour John
Sticky buds are quite a bit better than most things I've tried. The Dagga, Sticky Buds, and Salvia are an excellent combo. Not real, but damn good just the same. Thanks for telling me about them Mike.
Stan B.
Hey there Jim! I just got my Kaleidoscope herbs in the mail today and it's awesome! :) But I do have just one concern. Will anything in the Kaleidoscope mix cause me to fail a court ordered drug test? And if so, do you know how long this substances are in your system? Thanks much!!!

Editors Note:
WOW that was fast . I placed my order of Friday and received it today on Tuesday. Great job guys
Thank you so much, love your store!
Thank you sir and I'm sorry you have ever gotten negative feedback your delivery customer service and products are unmatched.
I will and thank y'all so far I'm loving the stuff I ordered.
Any time Jim. And, thank you for your attention to detail and security
practices. I was referred to your company by a couple folks whose opinions
I value highly. I look forward to receiving my order.
Thank You,
I got my shipment yesterday, but it was missing the "free gift". I purposely spent over $65 so I could get it. Is there anything that can be done about that? The products are nice though.

Editors Note: This order was under $65.00.  The Free gift is with every order over $65.00 before shipping.
Hi just got my order of mellow yellow and exdro I haven't
tried the exdro yet but the mellow yellow was very good and
I'm very happy with the result it makes me feel so relaxed
and I love it, thank you so much!
I received my package today..sorry for EVEN being
concerned. I look forward to doing more business
with your company. Thanks again!!
Got it today.... looks and is great. Very surprisingly good .... I'm very
satisfied... your sure I will pass all drug tests ...??

Editors Note:
Thanks for last shipment
Hello again. I received my order today. Arrived a bit mangled, but everything was good.
I was definitely satisfied with my last order, you've gained
another loyal customer. I will spread the word about the
good your company does for people looking to find
alternative blends to enjoy. Thank you kindly for your
services and have a blessed day.
Dear Who Ever,
I've just used your products and am enjoying the first on many, I hope. I didn't like smoking it so I made it into tea I got a better result.
Now I need to know what base mushrooms do you use? And are they safe for my children?
Mother of 2

Editors Note: Our smoking blends are only sold for use by adults and only for smoking. The herbs we sell (Although you must be and adult to purchase any products off our site ) are not sold for any purpose or intention. Please fully research any product you purchase. This customer is referring to our high quality Mullein Leaf. We do not use any Mushrooms in our products.
Good Afternoon!
      I would like to eat my words! The package just came in, mix up with the mailwoman. I am very pleased. Packed a bowl of the Mellow Yellow, extremely satisfactory. Will be purchasing more herbs from you in the future.
Thanks again
Sorry disregard my email, just received my order, Thank You!
Hi Jim,
Received my order. Everything looks great and it got to me quickly. Thank you for that. However, after reviewing the order, I realized I purchased $108 dollars worth of product and did not receive, with my initial delivery at least, free shipping or free gift as advertised on the website for orders over $65. Was wondering if I should be expecting something in the mail to come or if this is no longer being offered. Just let me know so I can adjust my expectations according if I order next time. Still very satisfied with my experience so far.
Thank you for your time,

Editors Note: This customer recieved a free shipping upgrade as thier free gift.
I received my order today. Thank you!
Just got my package, it looks great - thank you for the prompt service and action - I am sure you have a new customer who will spread the word.

have a great day
Hi, I received my order today. I tried the Mello Yellow tonight and was quite pleased. I can’t wait to try the others. The holiday weekend should be quite fun thanks to you. Question, I was checking your Q & A…I see that orders over $65 get a free item. My order came to $105 and all I got was the order I placed. Can I expect something on my next order? And my other question, which seemed to be answered on the Q & A but I want to be absolutely sure…I’m a federal employee. I don’t have to worry about testing positive on any urine exams, right? Anyway, if the other products are anything like the Mello Yellow, you have a dedicated customer. Thank you so much for the quick shipment.

Thank you for your response. I received my package of Exdro later today. I only tried a few puffs but definitely noticed something nice.
Dear Jim,
We love love love your products! In the case that we would like to get more of your products, should we send a money order with a list of desired items again? We also are moving, so maybe our new address will match up this time... What do you think?
Sun Coast Organics,
I received the All Bud Sampler today and I am extremely impressed!! You definitely have a new customer!!
Love your Mellow Yellow blend. Awesome product! I read the label that says may contain .... Is it possible for me to find out what this blend actually is made of? Would like to know before ordering more. I've been telling my friends about your good products and service. Please let me know what I'm enjoying in the Mellow Yellow. Thank you.
I received my item yesterday. "Quality does, what Quality is", I thought I could go to other vendors after our fall out, but everyone is not the same. It is good to be on a winning team again. Thank you!
Never mind!!!!!! I received today! So happy to smoke something non addictive and legal!!!! Thank you!
This is my 3rd order from you guys!!Have enjoyed so far,just tryin' to figure out what I'm most pleased with!
Thank you so much and sorry if I caused any hassle great products exdro is fantastic will be buying more very soon thanks again
Got my first order today and it was just as good has advertised. Thank you.
Just wanted to drop a note and say thanks. The product is satisfactory (Exdro) and it works for me.
Got my package today, nice. look forward to trying other products.thanks
Hi thank you, I got my package today, arrived good. I tasted the herbs & they are pretty good.
the "killer buds" are kinda hoppy /citrus smelling & had a very quick head effect & a strong lemony after taste.
the "exdro flavorfull smoke" has a "red tea" smell & flavor also a look, the smoke a bit like woven carpets. (in a good way)
Anyway thx again it's pretty nice, :)
I read that, but the number is now being recognized again by usps. That's where the confusion came in. You're my favorite vendor and I have full faith this order, like all others, will come on time. I was just unsure of how if was working if it shouldn't have been recognized until late tonight/tomorrow.
No worries, it's still in preshipment and I can't wait to receive.
Thank you for being my go-to legal herb site that's helped me kick other habits.
Unless I have other issues, I won't be bothering you but thank you for prompt responses
Thank you for such great products at great prices. Please email me the tracking number once it ships out, I'm assuming tomorrow.
M L. F
Thank you very much right on time will be ordering from you again. R- 2:13 pm. Oct 22, thanks again product super.
Thanks, Jim. Your products are great and their delivery is swiftly dependable. I look forward to placing many more orders with you in the future.
Yes, I received the order this past Monday and was so satisfied with the product that I ordered another one today. I am 61 years old. The best time to call would be between one o'clock and two o'clock in the afternoon.
I'm good Jim. Received my order today. Smoked my first bowl. This is truly a primo herbal blend. I will definitely order again! :)
I ordered cryptic blue recently, and although it's enjoyable I'm wondering if you have anything without cannabaceae and anything without lettuce opium. I can't seem to find an ingredient list before ordering. Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you
I must say that I truly enjoyed your products. Allows me to enjoy what I have been missing for years. My job requires testing and could not or would not risk failing one. I guess I'm an old hippie at heart. Being older, I have a need for relaxing in my own fashion. Also, pick'n and grin'n on my back patio has become so much more enjoyable. The problem I have this time around is the shipping. Paid for 2-3 day and still have not received. Unfortunately, you are going to tell me that you have no control over this. Would appreciate if you would check to see if it was handled properly. On my first order, the delivery was in the time span. Second time I did it in the 3-4 day, last time 2-3 day and they both seem to be taking 5 days.
Thank you for your help in advance.
- M

Editors Note: This customer is correct.  Unfortunately, once we have shipped a product we can not control how fast USPS delivers it.  Also the delivery time for First Class Mail 3-4 day and Priority Mail 2-3 day is an estimated time for delivery and is not guaranteed by USPS.
Thanks; Got it; Great Stuff..
Received my order today. Everything is as ordered. Pleasure doing business with you!!
Hello this is a quick up date on my order. received my order today. Thank you. Tried product , think it my be a winner.We;ll see.
Just received today! Good product! What can you suggest as your most potent strongest blend though for my next order?
The Package arrived today. Thanks very potent shtuff.
return customer here. again my card reads xxxxxx C xxxxxxx
Thanks again...great products.
Thanks, Jim. The order arrived today, ahead of schedule. Looks like all is as advertised. Thanks! I’ll likely be back.
- C. L.
Great product I received last week, gonna give buds a try now.
I received my order today thank you. Very happy :)
Thank You for your quality products.
I'm placing another order and would like a bag of wild dagga like my last order, fresh fluffy leaves. This wild dagga is a nice treat compare to nicotine. Thank You!
You guys sent a nice pack of wild dagga on my last order. Can you do it again?
Thank you very much. When I made it home yesterday the blends we're waiting for me. I was skeptical because I have never tried or even heard of your products before and it felt like a small gamble. All I have to say is you guys are legit and you have a new repeat customer. The mellow yellow does exactly what you said it would and for being dry it was surprising smooth. I just ordered two more blends and I didn't skimp on the tracking this time. Thank you for a providing a great product with prompt customer service.
Loving the scope! Excellent blend, and can't wait to try the sample.
Really pleased with my sample of the blend that I bought a whole ounce! great products.
The products I recently ordered were good, can you send me a job application.
Hey I just got my order and I am a very happy customer. I am wondering though, how much for a wholesale amount of a pound?

Editors Note: The customer is referring to Exdro.
In the past have ordered the blue Lotus From other suppliers however, I have never seen it so well packaged and clean
I have just received my order of killer bud and i liked the calming effect. but i was wondering if you could recommend your most potent bud and herbal blend so i can make another purchase as soon as possible.
We enjoyed the last order : ])
Very impressed with Exdro. So impressed, I will try more of your products and exdro will now be my favorite.
Please disregard my previous email. I got home from work and my order was in the mailbox. I was not expecting that! Thank you so much for the fast shipping!! I will definitely buy from you again as there are many products I'd like to try! Thank you so much again!
Return customer great product. Will use again,and again. Thanx!!!
Hey got it thanks a lot!
Thank bunches I received my order today It was good n I will be looking forward to my next package lol (next month)
I just received my mystic journeys sample. I admit i am impressed. The first time i had tried killerbuds I was unsatisfied but when i opened my sample it smelled good. The taste was pleasant and i can't wait to try my next order exdro.
After trying the sample pack, this product stands out! Thanks rock!!
I am hoping that you can answer a question that my friend wants to ask before she buys. I say it isn't but here goes Is mellow yellow sprayed with a synthetic cabanas spray? I love smoking it either way and she enjoys it too. Thank you very much.

Editors Note: We never used synthetic cannabinoids (cannabicyclohexanol, JWH-018, JWH-073, or HU-210 ) in any of our products because of insufficient data regarding the safety of synthetic ingredients.
Hello, I am a new customer. I received your Mellow Yellow in the mail yesterday. I can not explain how happy I am with it. To be truthful I was not expecting it to be as good as it is. It is extremely satisfying. And I did not smoke but a few inhales. I read everything on your web site before ordering and it suggested starting off on the mellow yellow so I did. good advice. I will be ordering often. Thank you.
Super smoke! Very nice I will be ordering again soon great job fellas.
To whom it may concern;
My name is **** and have tried your products of Mellow Yellow and Sticky Buds. I've been please with your products but was wondering if you can suggest your strongest blend for mood up-lifting. Also, wondering if any of your products would affect an up-coming drug test?
Thank you in advance
i just purchased mystical journey and mystic hookah. your product was a great smoke. i have ordered legal herbal products featured in hightimes and you blew them out of the water. you have a new returning customer. thank you
Great product Jim just got it in the mail today
I just received the RW57 and am trying it now. All I can say is WOW! You now have a loyal repeat customer.
love the Luna green great taste
Thank you for a great alternative. I am very pleased and surprised. I will be making a larger order very soon.
i am curious about my order i placed on wednesday, i paid $5 more for priority shipping ,so i was hoping i would receive the order either friday or saturday, can you please let me know when to expect the shipment ? i have been enjoying the chronic flex from my 1st order, but after reading the description about speedy gonsalez, i thought that would be more of what i'm looking for... thank you
I am impressed! I must say, I was a bit dissapointed with my first order, but that was my fault...ordered poorly. Gonna leave the blending to you from now on.
Tried six of your buds and different blends. All good!
I will be back......thanks.
Good Afternoon,
I just wanted to write and tell you guys how much I enjoyed my very first order from you guys. I got the Exdro, but am curious what your all's strongest blend is? I certainly enjoyed the Exdro, but am just curious.
Thanks again!
Just received the sample pack in the mail today. Thank you for the quick service. I can't wait to try out the different herbs. Can you suggest which would be the best (besides Mellow Yellow) for a good relaxing effect? Can the individual herbs (such as Wild Dagga and Yerba) be mixed? Thanks again for the great service.-A. B.
I received my order yesterday. Your service is top notch! The quality of your product is Excellent. I will recommend it to all my friends. Have A Great Weekend!
Hey SCO, Thank you very much for my recent order of Damiana Leaf, I find it to be very relaxing and enjoyable. My wife and I were wondering which of your Herbal Blends or Buds are your "strongest" in the mood relaxing department. I am looking to become a regular customer but quite frankly need some guidance on Herbal Smoking. The description of the Damiana Leaf was informative and the reason I purchased, other descriptions are slightly more vague. If you guys could lead me in a direction that would be great. Thank you so much,   R. G.
Dear Sun Coast, I am a 44 year old totally blind musician, and I can't say enough about your herbal smokes! The Killer buds, and the Speedy Gonzales were truly enjoyable. I also appreciated the Super smoke, the Chronic Flex, and especially Exdro. I have benefited from the medicinal properties of your herbal smokes as anti anxiety aids. I was wanting to try your all buds sampler, but it said that you were out of stock on the sticky buds and the nugs. Will you be offering this sampler again? Thank you again for what you are doing. I know that I will be a repeat customer to your site...Yours truly, T. D. T, Abilene Texas. P.S.  I would gladly make an audio endorsement of your products, as I believe in their potential medicinal benefits for humanity. Please let me know how to send you an audio file.
Hello Thanks for the Mystical Journey : do you suggest this be kept in the freezer or left out ::::::;   Thanks for your amazing products Blessings to you.
Got my shipment today,  will be back. Thanks
Hi, First I would like to thank you for your great product, Mystical Journey, I just bought it about 2 weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I am actually wanting to buy something else, but I am getting ready to leave on a job Saturday morning. So what I would like to ask is, If I bought something today and got the best shipping method is there any way I could get it by Fri night at the latest before I leave? Thank you, K.
I was an idiot to want a refund- Got your stuff today- Thanks so much! xoxoxo
This wont have any impact on a up coming drug test will they? I love the product but should have double checked.
Repeat costumer.. love the taste of supersmoke.
Skeptical at first but pleased with order.
I was pleasantly surprised with my first order and thought I would like to try some buds.
okay stuff so far, would like to find the strongest mix available. any suggestions?
Recently purchased some of your Killer buds, and was half satisfied and half disappointed. Although the quality of the herbs are good, and the calming effect is very nice, I was very much not impressed with the look of the product. The pics and description are quite misleading. Pictured were actual bud looking, but the actual product looks more like garden trimmings. I most likely would not have purchased this product if a pic of the actual product was displayed. I guess I suggest that you try not to mislead any more consumers, and show the actual product so there is no disappointment when someone else would happen to open the product. With that said, I know the effects are quite psychological and I am wondering if you have a product that actually looks like real buds, and not leave trimmings?

Editors Note:  We are unable to guarantee all of our products will look exactly like the picture on the site.
This stuff is great!!
Loved the mystical journeys...cant wait to try killer buds
Repeat customer LOVIN IT !!
Thank-you for your prompt customer service! I made request two days ago and it arrived this morning! That was far better than getting a confirmation of request order in anyone's book! I have yet to try the smoke but will share with you my experience. If the smoke is anything like your customer service, it will be good stuff.
Thanks, it arrived today and since I have it's here I'll just keep it. Thanks for the free gift as well! Is there a place I can leave feedback? Thanks so much for being here, I plan on becoming a repeat customer. have a wonderful day!
-C. P. RYT
I received your product Marihuanilla and I am impressed with the quality. I thought I would try some of your other products. If they are as good, Ill tell the local herbal shop where I shop and maybe they will stock your product.
Mr. Hanson,
I just wanted to send you a brief message to let you know that your products arrived safely and quite promptly! The herbs that your company distributes are indeed of a higher quality than those of other herbal smoke suppliers. It was certainly a pleasure to not deal with hyper-dehydrated crumbs or painful, choking, acrid smoke.
I look forward to continuing business with your company in the future! Thank you for making my first experience with Sun Coast Organics a pleasant and very positive one!
C. A.
Great products.
I received my order today thank you very much for the prompt service about my credit card. I was really wanting to try the sticky buds, I have heard several good things about them and that is what led me to your website but unfortunately for me you are out of stock. I want to try your All Bud Sampler do you know when you will be getting that back in stock. Thanks again for the order going to try them out tonight. First time customer but hope to become a regular especially if I can get the Bud Sampler. Thanks
I received an oz of Wild Lettuce recently from your site and was half satisfied, but also half disappointed. The satisfactory response came from the smoke of the leaf, which was sweet and relaxing, but the disappointment came from what was needed to be done in order to smoke the actual herbs of the plant. It seemed like at least half of the mass of the wild lettuce I received was in stems and harsh, raw material from the plant.
There is no warning of this being a very stemmy plant, though there is a warning that it wasn't as green as the depiction on the site. The picture of the site does not show an immense amount of stems, as I found in my wild lettuce. After picking out all the stems from the plant, I enjoyed the smoke, but the process was tedious and time consuming. I'm planning on seeking herbs from another site to avoid receiving any other herbs with a lot of stems unless there is any possibility of compensation of some sort, though the de-stemmed product was enjoyable. Thanks for your time.

Editors Note: The description of the product states that it is wild lettuce herb cut and sifted.
great stuff
I have been ordering from you guys for years now! thanks!
Hello, I am a return customer with serious health issues, I got my order it was the bud sampler pack, I was so impressed with the sticky buds I ordered a pound earlier today. I have arthritis through most of my body and am almost constantly in pain, I tried your product and this is the best I have felt in years. Thank you for offering this wonderful legal alternative. Feel free to put this in your customer feedback. Thank you again, very satisfied customer!
Like the products, trying em all to find my favorites
Thank you for sending me the first order very quickly. Looking forward to your Island Magic.
I like it. Looking forward to trying more!
Very pleased with my last order, your quality product is greatly appreciated.
I just got the all bud sampler and LOVED it!!! Back for more...
Wonderful Products, I highly recommend this site to anyone born pre-1950!
To Whom It May Concern;
Greetings! I sit here at my computer, bowl in hand, smiling ear to ear. Yep, the shipment arrived, and I'm beginning to become a "Satisfied" customer. In fact, a Very Satisfied Customer. Thank you for the prompt delivery, the package arrived this afternoon, and as soon as I completed the errands that I was supposed to complete, I went directly into my apartment. I managed to find my pipe amidst all the stuff that I own, and I'll bet that you know what transpired. Very soon I'll be ordering more, perhaps I'll try something different, they all look so good. I am very pleased with the product, and pleased again that you're located in Florida rather than California where I'd have thought a company such as this would be located.Thank you for your promptness and selection of such fine products.
Sincerely Yours.
Mr. R L
I tried the Kalidescope and enjoyed it fully...
I love all the products u got on here, keep it up
Love your products
I received my package today. I am please to see that you stand by your word. Please forgive me if my previous email sound some what abrupt. I am usually paranoid when ordering merchandise or products online. I rate you high on my list and will do business with you again. Order number XXXXXXX.

Thank You


D. J.

I enjoyed the Mystic Journeys blend I ordered. Not quite what I had expected. But not unsatisfied
I enjoy your product.
You guys are great. I am 43 years old and I've never had so much fun as in trying out your products. Thank you for improving the quality of my life!
I got my order today and am very pleased. Thank You.
Dear Sun Coast Organics,

I'm not sure why I'm sending yet another e-mail because as far as I can tell, you guys don't check this stuff. So anyway, I received my order today, so I'll stop bitching about that. On the other hand, I ordered Sticky Buds and received Killer Buds instead. I thought it was pretty weird that $15.00 popped up on my ticket thing when I clicked to order a $30 1/2oz. of Sticky Buds, but I really didn't give it too much thought. I figured, hey, maybe there's a 1/4oz. option and ran with it.

I haven't tried the Exdro yet, but I'm smoking a handrolled cigarette of this Killer Buds stuff as I type this. Thank God it doesn't taste like it smells in the bag, that's all I can say. It's been sitting over there for maybe 5 minutes and it's still burning, so that's pretty impressive. It's actually really smooth and doesn't taste bad. But man, it reeks coming out of the bag. Seriously. It doesn't look anything like the picture of Killer Buds, either... on the site or whatever it says there's a heart of resin you're supposed to find and yeah... no heart of resin, guys. There's some loose golden powdery stuff everywhere that I'm assuming is supposed to be a good sign, so I just went for that part. Anyway, I'm feeling pretty good so I won't complain.

Maybe next time I order Sticky Buds I can actually get Sticky Buds, eh?

Anyway, this was mostly meant to be positive feedback even if it doesn't sound like it. I'm sure I'll end up ordering some more stuff at some point. Later guys.
thank you,thank you, thank you so much,i've just recived my package,it's great!
Jim -- I received my order the day after I wrote my laste-mail. :) Amazingly fast! Thank you very much. I am extremely pleased with the quality of herb. Normally I'm very leery of buying herbs I can't actually see and test the quality of for myself. YourDamiana is a smooth and wonderfully aromatic smoke, and I find myself smoking it for pure enjoyment as well as for it's calming effects on mind and body. Your St. John's Wort has an excellent, hearty flavor. I've never smoked it before. I like to include a pinch or two to my other herbal smoking mixtures for added body. You most definitely will have a repeat customer with me, and I am recommending Sun Coast Organics to every one else interested in legal smoking herbs. Thank you once again!

Sincerely, A F
We just ordered the Sticky Buds and cant wait to try them. We have been satisfied with each purchase we have made.
I recently ordered some Exdro and also some Luna Green. I have to say, I'm very impressed. Both are great, but I'm kind of partial to the Luna Green, it's just so... green. Actually, it's nice to alternate between the two. You can be sure I'll be back to try some other products.
I tried Mellow Yellow and loved it!
Very pleased with first order.

P.S. I love the Mystical Journeys. It is wonderfully blended and is a great smoke.
Hi, I received my order today, that was fast! Thanks so much for the free Nugs (it looks like a lot)! I can't wait to try everything.   Have a great day!
A new hobby of mine... Ive tried some other stuff from here and have been very pleased - Looking forward to trying it all eventually!
This is a re-order. Am impressed with the quality.
Received my order of Exdro today, was beginning to wonder about it. This time I used the standard shipping and didn't get any sort of E-mail conformations as I did on my previous orders. No matter the Exdro is pretty good some of the best legal stuff I've come across. Smells almost like the "real" thing only without the worry about getting hassled. By the way the Nugs were pretty good too. Plan on ordering more in the future.
H. S. I was very impressed with the potency of the Dagga Flowers. I work as a Security Officer and am drug tested regularly and I always did and still do like to get my smoke on, I needed a legal alternative. I just put in my order for more because Mikey Likey Likey, and I ordered some Exdro and some RW-57.
I wish you guys would get that Sherlock - Magellan Herb pipe back in stock though. I want that too.
Any way I think you guys ROCK!!!
Thanks....Sun Coast Organics
I love you guys! Hit me up with a free be like last time... eh eh?
Previously purchased from you.
so far so good,cant wait to try the exdro,thanks
I just want to let you know that I did receive my order today. So far I like the Sticky Buds the best - great flavor. Thanks again,
Back for the third time, and still not spending more than 50$ for a lot of smokables, why cant the other online stores be this good? oh well, thanks in advance.
I really enjoy your wild lettuce opium.
I would like to order more.
I was really surprised about the e****** of your product that i kept looking at the contents is there anything in this that would cause me to fail a drug test like thc or? please let me know and what is the strongest product you sell the endro
A few weeks ago I said that this was a lost order. I am very sorry, but I was wrong. I have two mailboxes, but I only checked one which is why I thought it never came. Very fast shipping. Excellent product and thanks for the free jasmine flowers for flavor. Received product in less than a week. Thank you!
Thanks for the great smoke. I have been paying for shipping with tracking; however, for the last two shipments Ive received no tracking number and have been unable to track the package. This time I didnt pay for tracking, but am assuming that Ill get an email stating that the order has been shipped. That would be great. Thanks,

Editors Note: If you paid for tracking and did not receive an tracking # upon shipment of your order please e-mail.
Tried blueberry blunt and ITS GREAT
I wish I had known about you guys 30 years ago!! Great products!!
If you could let your packaging crew know that their packing job is awesome. i worked at a shipping place for over a year and now ups...and it is hard to get everyone to tape those manila envelopes everywhere they need it. Thanks for being so quick! great service:)
That sounds terrific. You guys are great. Customer service is awesome. Product is too.
previous customer-nice products
Where have you guys been all my life?! Your stuff is awesome! Im bringing you a LOT of new customers!!! JS
I am impressed with the quality of herbs that I received, thanks, J
great products and service
order received
so far my favorite is the sticky buds.
PLMK, and thanks again.
I got my order. Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick!!! this stuff is fantastic! Is this an 'infused' blend? It's really REALLY STRONG!
This is just the plain herbs, yes?
Thank you

Editors Note: This customer is referring to Chronic Flex.
Nice, package arrived just before noon today. Thanks allot. Sun Coast Organics is hands down the best. We will definitely reorder soon. Thanks
Thank you so much! And your shipping was very fast,
thank you!
You have a good site, excellent prices with fast shipping. The glass jar I bought from you is very nice and a good price.
pretty good stuff
This is my second purchase. I hope I am as pleased as the first.
This is the second time I ordered. Herbs work great in my hookah.
I tried your herbs before and I enjoyed the smoke.
Hi got my order in the mail today.. I'm very pleased thank you.
Previously enjoyed your products. Runnin low !
Few years back I had order sticky buds i think it was and also a hat, was pretty pleased and then did alot of moving around, now established in my daily routine again I am ready to start ordering again :D
hey I've received package thank you so much great products thanks for the free gift. mahalo.
Top stuff!
I have finally found the best "blend" for my smoking pleasure: Jasmine Flowers, Sticky Buds, Tampioca Gold sprinkles, and a dash of wild lettuce. Fortunately I can buy all of these things except the Jasmine Flowers on your site, but would like to do this in the future. Is there any way you could add this as a product for purchase, rather than a "free sample"?
Tremendous site and great service
Very fast shipping!
Hi, I've tried your products and was very pleasantly surprised. I noted that the quantities available for sticky buds skip from 1/2 oz right to 1 lb. Do you offer any other quantities - like 4 oz? Same for Exdro - any larger, like 2 or 4 oz quantities available? Thanks, Jim
Im a returning customer. I tried the sticky buds, and was interested in what some of the other products had to offer. The Jasmine flowers made the sticky buds very tasty and added a nice aroma (thanks for the free sample).
I like this stuff then tobaco

Editors Note: This customer is referring to Yerba.
I got shipment today thanks so far much better than other company once again thank you
You have some of the best products around!
THANK YOU very very much. received both orders today..........and boy am i happy. I shall return for more..thank you so much
So is mellow, like         "blind mellon chitland"
This is my second purchase in 5 days!!
Previous customer-Thank you for your quick response and delicious product.
I ordered you guys herbal sampler pack, and I was very very pleased. Keep up the good work, guys! You guys rule!
Ordered before. Thanks
I am a satisfied returning customer.
Loved the products I purchased.
Great products, Great service - Thanks
I am a return customer. I really enjoyed my first order, and I am looking forward to this new one. The jasmine was a nice touch. Thanks. I am looking forward to the next free gift also. Thanks again for your great product and service.
The "Exdro" I received was very smooth, and had a very great flavor. Top of the line if I do say so myself. Keep up the excellent work guys.
Return customer-looking forward to trying another selection.
3rd. order, please ship out fast
We received our Killer Buds order today & I'm not sure if I was more skeptic or if my husband was, but, my husband lit up first & then brought the water pipe out to the living room & said "Wow, this stuff actually does something!!" so I took only 2 hits from the water pipe & now I'm all relaxed & feel like I'm ready for bed (Which is the whole reason we started smoking the illegal stuff - my insomnia). I'm also quite impressed with the sample pack of jasmine, is it's main purpose flavoring? We haven't tried it yet. How's the chronic flex in comparison w/ the Killer Buds?? Thanks!!
J & R
Hi, I received my credit card order, thank you, that was fast!!
Bought from u once before [STICKY BUDS] liked it better than other sites stuff because yours was allot more [natural and stronger.]
Look forward to our re-order!
Your site is by far the best of its kind on the web !!!!
Good Stuff.  I'm a US Soldier, once I'm off mission I sit back and enjoy your blends in my Hooka!
I'm back. One thing that I can say is that I am VERY satisfied with your products, you definitely have a long time customer here. You definitely live up to your name. (and I haven't even tried them all yet) Thanks, S.
Ordered before. Good stuff!!
I do like the Sticky bud product I hope killer buds does as well.
Talk about a quick delivery, you guys are awesome! It came in the mail today and If it's as good as the reviews state, I'll definitely be back. Take care and thanks.
I just got my order! Thank you for the free herbal solid! Living in a small town, not that there isn't the illegal stuff here, I just don't know anyone well enough to ask, so it's been quite a number of years since I've had the other stuff. Just in trying a tiny bit of the klip dagga and a tiny bit of the solid, I'm rather impressed. I may not come across extra money often, but I WILL be ordering again. I've been reading a little bit about the dream herb and the sun opener. I'll pick those up next time and probably find something else. Thanks!
Awesome Bud! I enjoyed the Killer Bud so I figured I would try a couple more blends
Great Products.
love the stuff!
I had to quit smoking the illegal smoke after 20+ years due to employment reasons. I had done some research at various web sites and they kept referring back to "Another Site" saying it was the #1 place to go. I had such a bad experience with their customer service just trying to get my order which I had paid a "rush" charge. Once I received it, I was disappointed with the product. It had mold growing on it and it was so harsh with very little results. To make a long story short, I was very disappointed and discouraged. I decided that I needed to have something to compare it to so I went on-line. After 2 hours of searching, I finally found a company that wasn't an affiliate of the 1st company or a company in --- ------. I placed an order with your company and your response was immediate. I had it shipped Express and it arrived on time. Once I opened the package and tried the product Mystical Journeys, I was shocked at how mild the smoke was and very impressed with the results. I am e-mailing you to say thanks for the professional and prompt service I received. With the great products and customer service I experienced, you have earned a customer for life.
Just got the package - thanks again! And the jasmine flowers were a lovely bonus - they added a wonderful and interesting flavor to the sticky buds (very smooth!).
I look forward to ordering again soon! - K
You have the greatest products ever and beat the competition if there was any real competition!
RW-57 and BG-Swats were the same thing. Cant complain, because they work great. But I am not sure which one to order now.

Editors Note: RW-57 and BG-Swats are the same base herbs infused with completely different herbal extracts.
I finally got my enhanced sampler. good smooth smoke. I like bg swats and the rw 57 is tasty. sticky buds are remarkably similar to another smokeable plant I am familiar with, and tampico gold can render your favorite harsh smokes more smokeable. I also received a bonus 1/4 oz. of a sticky icky which I still dont know what to do with. I would assume it is to be grinded up and smoked but it is very hard to break. thanks.
I must say The Tampico Gold on it's own is quite a treat..very powerful stuff. I was surprised.
the legal buds are great thanks
Been here before - I loved the herb.
I bought some wild dagga seeds from you awhile back and upon sprouting them they don't look anything like the pictures you have on your site. Here is a picture of what mine look like.
Enjoyed my first order!
You have the greatest legal products on the net! Period!
all of my co workers suggested ordering from this site
Thanks for the great service and great products.
return customer great products
my last order was great,
thank you
I am a regular costumer
Thank you for the strongest products on the internet!
I mixed the herbal samples with bali shag tobacco..... the results were greatly varied with each herb, now I'm down for trying your blends. Thanks for the quick shipment over the xmas holiday.
thats good stuff
You are defiantly the best smoke shop to buy legal buds from online. Fast shipping A+++
Been here before - love ya.
Have ordered from you before...thanks for the good service.
Ordered from you before, keep up the good work!
Just a note to tell you that I have ordered before and was very happy so I am a returning customer.
My name is Wendy S. and I recently ordered 1/8 of Exdro from your website. I just received my order today and I'm very satisfied with the flavor and effect.
Repeat customer...Need I say more:-) the the products...returning because of all of these things.
PS: I sampled an "enhanced sampler" from a friend "Whoallyshit!" to say the least.
Seriously enjoying my 7 blend sampler pack...the Mellow Yellow especially! Thank you so very much. I have told all of my friends about your products and will continue to. Even after just one day I think they're fabulous!
Thanks again!
Killer buds great product !! Thank you for your speedy ordering delivery and great products !! Jill
Thanks much! I received my sample pack of enhanced blends today.
This response should go directly to whom ever is in charge . for whatever reason my order seemed to have been delayed . I e-mailed about this . being as it was memorial day , and I was looking forward to smoking some of your excellent products I was bummed out , thinking I wouldn't get my order until Tues.. [ because of the holiday ] . to my utter surprise , it was hand delivered to my house on sun. morning .someone went above and beyond , on my behalf , to get my order delivered . thank-you doesn't seem to be enough . but I do thank-you . especially whom-ever was responsible for the actions taken , to get my order delivered to me . I am a returning customer , already , but this kind of action , will have me as a " loyal " customer . I am more than happy , with both , your smoking products , and your service . sincerely , Steve.
great service
Thank you so much for your quick response my order did arrive on the 29th.
What a great product ,your herbal blends are the best.I will be a return customer.Thanks for the free sample.
Ordered from you before and truly enjoyed it very much! Pretty awesome!
Thanks for your product, Sticky Buds. Very nice. Take care till next time. Rock On....
Ordered before.
Not sure who the sales person was because they didn't put it on the invoice. But, I want to say thank you! And thanks for the free sample of Tampico Gold ! ! ! I have been smoking it all night. I wanted to see what it was like, just by itself. Pretty darn good ! ! ! You know that I buy wholesale, how much a gram or 1/4 oz. or whatever. How much did you send. With the "heavy baggie' it was in, it weighed about three grams, after I had smoked a little. Now I am ordering from 4 companies. I am having trouble keeping up with, who I buy what from!
Good job though ! ! ! Thanks
I recently recieved the Enhanced Sample Pack and the MA Sample Pack. A total of 11 tasty smokeables. I was stunned by the smoothness and pleasant taste of EVERY single sample. Although each is fairly distinct they all tasted and were as soothingly smooth as advertised. I would definately recommend both packs to anyone interested in buying quality smoking herbals. Tampico Gold and Mystical Journeys and very strong and full flavored. Sticky Buds rolled into the most amazingly sweet tasting hand rolled. The smooth burn and mellow taste make it perfect for rolling. BG Swats has an earthy flavor like nothing else. Killer Buds are just downright fun. Sorta like peeling mini avacados. RW-57, Super Smoke, Speedy Gonzalez are all better then I ever belived possible. I thank you for your fast and excellent service and will certainly be ordering again.
this is a really cool site, and i do hope that the stuff i purchase will be good, thanks
Hi ! My name is Russell. A while back, I ordered sticky Buds from another company. Well, smoke was plentiful, so I didn't really give Sticky Buds a chance. It has dried up here, (Louisiana, it will be back! It always comes back) but meanwhile, I have found out what a good product that Sticky Buds are.
We received our order very quickly, Thanks
you guys are sooo good!!!
Thank you so much!!! I saved a total of $40.00 shopping with you guys! What great products the damania pills are wonderful. I cant believe the size of the free sample!!
I quit smoking cigarettes on January 10th, 2003, using an herbal product called Smoke Away or something like that. I quit smoking pot in the mid 80s.I also work all day, and then take care of my 89 year old dad in the evenings when I get in from work. (I'm 56 years young.). I have hired someone to stay with him during the day while I'm at work. But, working a full time job, and taking care of my dad, gets really stressful. I was looking for an alternative to nights of no sleep. believe that Leonurus Siberius takes care of all of my problems. I can't afford Valium, or Prozac, or any of the meds that those who can afford Health Care can request. I don't have health insurance. All I have is prayer to keep me well. I recommend your product to anyone who has been in my situation. This product is really, really, really, good. And so is this company. R.W.
I have been very satisfied with all your products.
I received my order today, and am impressed with the packaging. Nice looking bag!! Another year of enhanced herbalization awaits...but first to get a (real) job!
Great product. Ordered the Enhanced Sampler and Myst. Journey. Most impressed with T-Gold!! Purchasing more tonight. Thanks!
love your products
Thank you, and very good!!!
Ordering some more.
Let me start by telling you that I never give anyone any feed back on any product I buy, until I bought something from you. You actually aren't telling a lie when you say you have the best products around. To be honest, when I read some of your customers letters saying how good your products are,I didn't believe it. I thought that someone had just made up those letters until I took a chance and bought one of your sample packs (Enhanced Sampler). It truly made a believer out of me, no shit. When I opened the envelope and pulled out the bag of samples, "Oh my God" was my reaction. I honestly was suprised at how big the quarter ounce samples were. I wished they looked that good when I use to buy the other stuff. I had recently purchased a supposedly full ounce of Herbal buds from another site and it didn't even have as much in the bag as just the BG Swats sample had in it. Anyone who is skeptical about trying anything from you should read this. Not only were the 4 samples big, there was also a huge free sample bud of Exdro that was included in my order. If anyone thinks this is a crock, then when they smoke it they'll really be suprised. I know I was. I could go on about how good your products are and how satisifed I am. I hope everything else is as good as what I got. Keep up the good work, you are the Blend Masters. Sincerely, 24 John P.S. Sorry it's so long.
I tried your Wild Dagga and loved it. I cant wait to try the new things I have ordered. I also want to try the free sample of Exdro I was not sure if I needed to put it on my order, But please send it.
Thanks For giving an alternative to the illegal stuff!
Please don't forget my free sample, as promised on the website. You guys are great!!!!
I was reading through the customer replies and I saw something about a free sample in a few posts... Would it be possible get one of those? thank you! I love your stuff! Thanks I received / picked up my package today. We are testing as we speak.
Thanks so much! -LISA
What happened to the "flavored" blends? I really enjoyed the "Chronic Tropical" and wanted to purchase some more. Is that now not possible?
To Customer Service: Hello. I wanted to inform you that I did receive my order number: 1081062 yesterday, Mon. Sept. 22nd. Since I have emailed and left you a couple of voice mails regarding my order asking if it was shipped and when, I wanted to give you a courtesy follow up to inform you that I did, in fact, receive it. Again, thank you for your assistance and for a great product! I am pleased! I will be sharing my satisfaction with others and on your customer feedback page.
this as herbal tea is the best common cold cure tell every one !!!

Editors Note: This customer is referring to Capillarius herba: Yerba.
Before I place my next order I wanted to ask if your Wild Dagga flowers are always the same quality? The flowers I ordered from your site a couple of weeks ago had a lot better taste than the flowers I ordered from other sites. I would like to order several packages and want to be sure they are the same as the last ones I purchased. Also how would you compare the Leonurus Sibericus flowers to the Dagga flowers? I would be intrested in trying them. Are they both in stock? Thanks DG
Hello.. Hello i got it...Very great stuff it is california orange? thank you again
Good afternoon! It's me again. My mailman came and went and no delivery today. When did you ship? I don't want my neighbors to sign for me. By the way you've got some great product! I seem to have a hard time deciding which one I like best! I find the mellow yellow to be tasty, chronic is strong and super smoke smooth and satisfying! I'm glad I tried the sampler. I am interested to get my next order to try your other products! Very nice!
Hi Guys,
Thanks this smoke shop is the best thing going online. You cannot believe how unpleasent some companies are to deal with. Lots of baiting and switching and poor customer service! lousy products. Keep up the good work!! You can quote me!! R J
I got the speedy gonzolos at the post office today…Very cool!I will continue ordering from your company…thanksI never leave feedback for products I buy online but I am so impressed with your products that I absolutely had to drop you a note. I bought some Super Smoke and Sticky Buds and ordered express delivery. I was amazed to have the products arrive after only 1 day. Typically even the best sites take two days for delivery. So thanks for that!!! I really wanted an alternative to the real stuff and I wanted it fast so I'm happy for the prompt service. As for the actual products I immediately lit some up and was shocked to feel an immediate effect. It was great!!!!!! I can not tell you how happy I am. I've been a regular smoker of the real thing and my supply was always really spotty. Having your company as a legal alternative is an unbelievable treat. I eventually found that Super Smoke when smoke in a water pipe with a small air tip produced AMAZING effects. It is actually similar to T--! The sense of euphoria is great!!!!!! Anyone who wants an alternative to the T-- found in real tobacco try SUPER SMOKE!!!! You will be amazed. And it's legal!!!!!! Thank you, Thank you!!!!!! Shiron B.
"Aloha, I got the order today and my husband said this is the best he has found and tryed, he can't wait to order somemore, but I think he is going to try the other....super blend(15 an oz.)........will be ordering soon...keep up the good blend"......R & K
Hey, I was wondering if ya could send me something free cause I have bought lots of your products, oh, and the new sticky buds are great!! Penny
Got my stuff today, came 2 days after I ordered it, really fast service. Thank you very much!
P. S.
It kicks ass better than anything I have tried so far. I like it! Look for more orders from me in the near future.
Peace... Out...
JK(Oh yeah, Happy trails)
Hello.Just wanted to let you know we all really enjoyed the Chronic Flex. And thanks so much. Remember, how I said the Dagga was a three? Well, this blend was a solid seven! Honestly, it was different, but in a manor of speaking, it is a better smoke than a "10". Thanks again. Turned a few friends onto samples also. Take care, TB
Thanks for removing the link from the site. Hopefully that will stop ALL the weird phones calls we have been getting the past few months. Your site must have allot of traffic for all the calls we received asking about the Chronic Flex. But again, we would love to put a banner and link of yours on our site's homepage. And was wondering if you wanted ours. Thanks, TB Chronic Flex is still the best on the market! TB.

Editors Note: We simply cut and pasted TB's feedback on the page. It included a link to her site. She sells some very good Herbal Vinegar made from herbs she grows. The link to her site was not put up here so people could call and contact her about Chronic Flex. However that is what happened. This is a feedback page if we include a link to a customers site here it is so our users can visit the site if they chose to. Please do not contact them regarding our products. Thanks enjoy the site!! All of us at MA
"I have had my first Tryptamine experience from smoking what I thought was 'hay'. I shall never question the concentration of your Salvinorin again." -C. Sanders
"Hi Mike ,Got our samples. Been testing and sharing .So far so good
Peace" , Kate
"When the plant arrived at my house it was dead. I planted it anyway to see if it would miraculously revive itself, but, alas, it is still dead. Thirty dollars for a dead plant? I am not at all satisfied with that part of the order. On the other hand, the smoking blends are wonderful, but I would like to be either reimbursed or have a new LIVING plant sent to me!" KK - Ga
just wanted to say thanks! very well pkg and fast appreicate! karen
enjoyed sample package,thank you ...when can i expect second shipment to arrive?
"Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me. My husband likes the Wild Dagga as much as what he was smoking. I am so happy about this. We have been looking for over 3 years for some good smoke." Sincerely Marge N.C.
"I really like these! Is there any THC in chronic flex or killer buds? I don't want to fail a drug test at work.
Thanks." LH

Editors Note: We do not have a mailing list. Once the order is completed we never contact the customer for any reason. Nor do we sell or share any customer information.
"Thanks for the Tip. As I told you on the phone we were only interested in carrying the smoking blends to make it clear what we are selling our pipes for. Tobacco and legal herbs. As you can see by our orders they have grown in to much more than that."   G- JFS
"Well this is turning out to be a major success. I guess I am going to have to give my manager a little something for finding you guys." R- DWP
"hey guys,
love your products. thanks for letting us recapture a bit of carefree days. have you given any thought to tee shirts. think back to the early days of "celestial seasonings teas". a different shirt for each tea available. i'd love to sport a "chronic flex " tea for all the world to see. think about it. and if you do decide to remember us "big" guys in the sizing. thanks

ps. i undersatnd a tattoo and piercing shop local to me is going to start carrying your blends" Doug-NJ.
I was checking out your site and it is one of the most resourcful sites I have been to for a long time. It is really easy to understand the knowledge you guys have obtained. I wanted to let you know that I have a very high respect for someone that I don't know, in this day this is a hard thing to come by. Your webpage has inspired me to go out and try different things, explore my opitions.... I guess I know so many people who just go out smoke mj and get nothing from it... nothing.... I always feel I stick out like a sore thumb because to me everything has such deeper meaning.... yeah I guess the only person that can understand myself is me. " Others will not care how much we know, until they know how much we care" True that I guess. Well I hope to get a response, because I would really like to have this conversation with another person :) yeah its hard to get sarcasim over the net, I tend to forget Kristine from Minnesota We love to hear for our customers. All feedback is highly appreciated. If you have a comment about any product on our site please E-mail - you will receive a very fast and courteous response.
Thank You
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