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Wild Dagga

Information on this page was obtained from several different sources and is given for historical purposes only.We offer Wild Dagga for no intention or purpose. Due to the possibility of these legal herbs being smoked, you must be over the age of 18 to purchase them.

Leonotis leonurus also known as Lion's Tail or Wild Dagga. Is a member of the Mint family of plants.  Wild dagga is used by the Hottentot tribesmen for several different medicinal purposes and to promote euphoria and exuberance when smoked.

Active Constituents
The active component in Wild Dagga its relative Marajuanilla is leonurine, the same alkaloid that is mildly psychoactive in the similar Leonurus sibiricus (marihuanilla). It may be addictive on the order of nicotine with regular usage. Wild Dagga is 100% legal in the United States.

Wild dagga features Whorls of Bright Orange flowers in Summer and is a Very tall plant of up to 10 feet. Wild Dagga prefers Exposure Full Sun to Light Shade. Very unusual and very interesting plant. Wild dagga is also used for medicinal purposes. Go here for more detailed identifiers of all strains of wild dagga, images and wild dagga seeds.

Traditional Uses
Many traditional uses of wild dagga have been recorded. Wild dagga foliage is commonly made into a medicinal tea, which is favored for the hypnotic focus it gives. Wild dagga leaves or roots are widely used as a remedy for snakebite and also to relieve other bites and stings. Decoctions of dried wild dagga leaf or root have been applied externally to treat boils, eczema, skin diseases and itching, and muscular cramps. Wild dagga extracts are also used to relieve coughs, cold and influenza, as well as bronchitis, high blood pressure and headaches. Wild dagga leaf infusions have been used to treat asthma and viral hepatitis. Wild dagga tea is also used to treat headache, bronchitis, high blood pressure and the common cold. This species is also important in Chinese/Vietnamese medicine as an euphoric, purgative and vermifuge.

Wild Dagga Certified Premium Wild Dagga Leaf

This high quality smoking herb is harvested for us and only us when we need it. Just look at the picture. That was picked and dehydrated only days before it was taken. Extremely fresh and potent smoking herb. Said to be smoked by the South Africans for a euphoric effect. Wild Dagga and its relative Marihuanilla have been called one of the best legal alternatives known to man.

$25.00 oz

Klip Dagga - Leonotis Nepetaefolia Certified Premium Klip Dagga Leaf

Strain of will dagga called Klip Dagga. Smoke claim higher potency. This is organic premium leaf.

$25.00 oz

Wild Dagga Flowers Certified Premium Wild Dagga Flowers

Hand picked- this is gourmet product!! Wild dagga famous herbal smoke of the Hottentot tribe of Central Africa for a euphoric effect. The leaves and flowers from this plant have been called one of the best alternatives known to man. One should use caution when using. Dagga has been shown to be habit forming similar to tobacco.

$30.00 1/2oz

Marihuanilla Certified Premium Marihuanilla Sifted Leaf

The inhabitants of the rugged and remote mountainous region in the Mexican state of Chiapis call this herb Marahuanilla .(little Marijuana) We import this product when it is at certain stage of growth. At this stage it is much more leafy, much more potent and a smoother smoke. Unless someone is getting this from us wholesale you will not find this quality product anywhere else.

$25.00 oz

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